"Life is not measured by time. It is measured by moments."

Armin Houman


Our most intimate space and our sanctuary.  We’ve gathered prints and mirrors, soft furnishings and custom furniture pieces, lamps, and lanterns. 

We adore tablescapes, so you’ll find visual inspiration aplenty:  candles and cloches, exquisite table accents, beautiful containers.  Because we believe that everyone deserves a beautiful home, you’ll find affordable options to create your own inviting interiors.

Home Decor Inspiration

Home Decor at The Greenhouse


Your favorite beverage just got a little more chic.  Trendy teaware, novelty mugs, witty wine tumblers, and thermal coolers elevate whatever you’re sipping.   


Turn meals into memories with singular pieces that beg to be enjoyed.  Measure, scoop, and uncork.  Bake, tray, and plate with beauty.  Whatever you’re making, serve it up with delight.


Nothing tops the table for pure possibilities.  The Green House look layers rich wood surfaces with grassy mats, creamy stoneware, precious metals, and gem-inspired bric-a-brac.  Overhead, rustic lanterns cast a textured glow.  Flowers du jour join the conversation.  

Side tables should not merely be functional.  Make them focal points.  Play with trays, abstract sculptures, stylized games, and of course, great lighting from Green House interiors.


Plush cushions in textured neutrals and dreamy tones


Witty welcome runners and woven, seagrass floor pillows


Conversation Pieces

One-of-a-kind ornaments for walls and tables.  Breezy, hanging containers for live plants.

Lamps and Garden Lanterns

Exuberant lamps glow, doubling as ornamental features.  Browse our gallery of Asian lanterns in rattan, bamboo, and wood to illuminate your porch, table, or garden.


Frame and reflect your favorite area with a lovely mirror that opens up the room.

Plant Stands

Shape interior green space.   Stack a wooden plant stand with a custom pot and a beautiful plant.  The tree-like, vertical form brings the outdoors inside your home. 


Trendy art panels and intimate, farmhouse-inspired prints assert your philosophy at home

The Rustics

A company of containers collected from the natural world:  woven baskets, hewn boxes, and trays