Chivanté Lockhart

Creative Director

For Chivanté Lockhart, discovering her passion for beautiful flowers and stunning interiors was simply organic.  Her mother’s profession as a fashion designer introduced her to the synergy of form, fit, and material.  Her creative family were frequently called upon to shape events through design and visual arts.   

Chivanté was more inspired by the quiet drama with which living flowers and plants transformed space.  She was also moved by nature’s power to nurture, dazzle, cure, and enhance wellbeing.  

Over an eleven year career in offshore banking, Chivanté arranged flowers and styled interiors as hobbies.  All the while, the design realm tugged at her heart.  She eventually stepped out, opening Fab Flowers & Events, a floral arts design company.  Chivanté went on to manage another upscale floral brand at an established nursery.  After operating their floral division for several years, she became restless for a singular space in which to grow her unique, creative vision.  That journey manifested The Green House.

Her personal style?  “I'm drawn to very island-shabby chic design , with pops of color.  It’s a yellow elder shrub in full bloom, or a striking bougainvillea hedge that catches my eye.  I’m also drawn to tropical forms like monstera and aralia, to the shapes and textures of foliage.  I either design lush floral arrangements, or I play with monochromatic greenery.  Very rarely do I mix flowers and leaves in traditional composition.”  

Another signature element of Chivanté’s style is wonder.  She sets vivid blooms of similar tones side-by-side, each enhancing the form and hue of the other.  

Her elegant designs evoke contemplation.  “We all need quiet, beautiful places to return at the end of a day.   Collecting our thoughts and pausing to enjoy the bounty of nature revives and strengthens our resolve.  In a complicated world, creativity brings balance.  Creativity is a cure for the hurried life.”  

After hours, the designer enjoys family time, loves an island porch life, and travel adventures that stoke her creative fire.  Frequent forays to floral workshops and world markets all wind back to her studio.   “The Green House is staged to help our clients discover an authentic, personal style.  As an artist, I find this space a dynamic, ever-changing mood board.  Each day I walk in and I'm newly inspired by the beauty that surrounds me, and of course our Green House community.”  

Monique Pratt

Director, Special Events

Monique Pratt has always loved creating.   Even as a child, she transformed spaces, savoring the pleasure of returning to rooms that reflected her personality and tastes.  Under an inspiring art teacher, Sandra Illingsworth, Monique discovered a love for drawing, oil painting, and batik work.  In high school, she joined her first Junkanoo group, learning the craft from the ground up.  Constructing spectacular costumes and floats for these national festivals, Monique found she had an uncommon ability to interpret visual and 3D themes.   

Working with a prominent land developer early in her career exposed Monique to architecture.  Soon she could  walk into any room and envision how she would bring the space to life.  

As a young creative, she explored various other industries, but always returned to art, her first love.

Monique married and raised three beautiful sons, which offered plenty of opportunity to express her surging creativity.  Ultimately, this journey led her back into business. “When guests came to our parties, they  experienced a whole concept, designed around a theme.  Whether a birthday, sports event, or holiday, our friends became totally immersed in the event.  They began asking me to do parties, and the work took off.”  

From these private events, Monique launched a freelance career in visual merchandising and interior decor.  For fifteen years, her canvas included windows and displays for the city’s top resorts, luxury department stores, and boutiques.

Monique’s avant-garde displays have evoked powerful emotional connections.  One couple has returned to The Bahamas year after year, creating holiday greeting cards around her displays.  After Monique decorated an upscale Chinese restaurant for its New Year celebrations, the client called back to purchase the entire installation.  The seamless decor became a permanent feature in their glamorous space. 

Her skill also attracted recognition among event planners and destination management companies who hired her to design and execute over-the-top looks, on time and on budget.  Monique Pratt’s imagination, coupled with warmth and attention to detail, made her a preferred event specialist.

“I can set up for anything from an intimate table to a state dinner, but I prefer working with teams of people to develop an event.  I enjoy mentoring staff, and find that most people like learning as they work.  I love to see people happy.  Nothing satisfies like the “wow” factor, once my team and I have finished a project.  I love surpassing our clients’ expectations.”

Monique has volunteered with two major Bahamian festivals, Junkanoo and Junkanoo Carnival, teaching the craft to youth, and training judges for both events. 

In 2020, Monique joined The Green House to offer premium event decor and event planning services.  “Challenge motivates me.  As an artist, I am drawn to so-called impossible projects.  Those scenarios unlock my imagination, and my mind begins to engineer solutions.  What I respect about this floral studio is the collaboration with other seasoned creatives.  Our experience gives us a real edge in this industry.  We love our clients and vendors, and love what we are able to produce together.”