"Flowers are the music of the earth."

Marty Rubin

Our flowers inspire unforgettable experiences.  Just one perfect bloom can make an ordinary day amazing. 

Blending tone, texture, and form, we compose distinctive arrangements that celebrate life’s finest moments. For over a decade, we have offered floral artistry for all your celebrated events.   

Now discover our exclusive line of floral products, supplies, special events, and creative classes.  Cultivate delight through an abundant world of fragrance, hue, and movement.  

Explore a life graced by flowers, and join a creative community that inspires you to live exuberantly.

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Florals at The Greenhouse

Home Decor

Grab a beautiful bundle of flowers on the way to your next celebration.  We’ll style your bunch and cinch it with a lovely ribbon.   

Select from a rainbow of roses--luxurious hybrid tea roses,  fragrant garden varietals, or fabulous sprays.  We stock lilies, hydrangeas, and tulips, plus seasonal orchids and peonies.  Elevate any day with a gorgeous bouquet, starting at $40.  

Flower Market  

Stunning blooms, sold by the stem.  We bring the excitement of an international floral market to your doorstep.   

Select the best quality, classic roses, lilies, hydrangeas, and tulips.  We also source seasonal beauties, like peonies and orchids.  Find fabulous fillers and intriguing varieties for your signature arrangements.  

Whether styling your home, planning an event, or designing a custom floral installation, we provide top grade flowers and seasonal options for cutting edge composition.

Custom Arrangements 

Discover distinctive floral design for any occasion.  Uplift your home with artful arrangements that convey confidence and quiet luxury.  Market priced by size and floral selection,  our one-of-a-kind pieces begin at $65.

Designer’s Choice 

Name your price and unleash our designers on a gorgeous, made-to-order arrangement.  

Just For Yachts! 

On the open ocean, flowers convey free-spirited luxury.  Our lasting arrangements offer elegance and enhance entertainment while you’re cruising.


Experience our signature floral artistry and opulent occasions. 

We deliver unforgettable celebrations that dazzle you and your guests. 

Contact us ( to plan your next exceptional event.