"Happiness doesn't result from what we get, but what we give ."

Ben Carson


Celebrate life’s most precious moments with indulgent gifts.  

Gifts at The Greenhouse


Exquisite Lollia fragrances, skin emollients, bubble baths and soaks from parfumer, Margot Elena.  Gorgeously bottled and boxed scents capture treasured private moments.

Luxury Candles & Diffusers 

Ignite the power of aroma with alluring home scents.  Fragrance introduces personality and another dimension of beauty in the home.  


Candles give tropical interiors a huge boost, offering restrained warmth in winter, and mysterious ambience all  year long.  

Discover the world of Apothecary Guild candles in Fig Vetiver, Grapefruit, Coconut Mango, Amber, Bourbon Pepper, Pepper Smoke, and Siberian Fir.   The soothing white color blends with most decor.  Bleach free wicks and a heavy glass cloche ensure a clean, dust-free, 68 hour burn time.  These luxe luminaries receive rave reviews for their understated scents.    

Try an Apothecary Guild home fragrance with our 24 hour tins.  They make wonderful gifts. Tuck one in an overnighter for your next secluded weekend.


Apothecary Guild offers white rose or fig vetiver diffusers in uber-feminine porcelain.  Try the light floral or fruity lemongrass scents on a nightstand, or a tray styled with guest soaps. 


Go on, gild the lily.  Your handwritten card will be cherished as much as those gorgeous flowers.

Home Office

Cultivate a calming, personal workspace.  Our desktop accessories corral your bits and pieces.  Intriguing tabletop curios invoke inspiration.


For all the spaces where connections are forged and friendship nurtured, show your appreciation with a gift the hosts will cherish for years.

Gift Boxes

We curate customized gift boxes for any celebration.  We help you dream and design.