"If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere"

Vincent Van Gogh


Bring some glory into your home or workspace with living plants. Showcase orchids. Serene succulents. We pot them up in dreamy containers inspired by nature.

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The sculptural qualities of orchids exude sophistication and serenity.  We adore their voluptuous blooms and broad, glossy leaves. Explore the many moods of this delightful species in vibrant, variegated, or neutral tones. 

The elegant orchid is a peerless gift, blooming for two to three months under ideal conditions.  Following that, the plant rests while storing nutrition to produce more blossoms.  A well-tended plant can last for years.

After its blooms have fallen, bind your plant to a shady tree trunk.  As you water, the host tree releases fertilizing tannins, nudging the orchid to produce new buds.


They startle us with their whimsical forms and bemusing tones.  We corral them in rustic bowls and terrariums that make great conversation pieces.   Succulents also offer powerful healing properties, oxygenating and purifying the air, even enhancing memory and focus.  

Long-lasting, low maintenance succulents make superb tablescapes for the office, private study, or conference room. 


Shop our cache pots and intriguing vessels.  From rustic to elegant, boxes or ceramics, we have a cohesive collection that keeps on giving once your live plant has outgrown its home. 

These beauties stand on their own.  But why leave them that way?  Fill them with fresh flowers or collected treasures.