• Reveals the freshest and brightest skin after a treatment: Natural boar bristles effectively exfoliate dry and dead skin cells, revealing glowing, youthful skin beneath the surface. It encourages the natural production of collagen and clear pores of the skin.
  • Releases harmful toxins that harm your body: Increases lymphatic drainage and helps pull toxins out of the body naturally with stimulating brushing. The handy strap makes the brush an extension of your own hand for a more natural movement.
  • Improves blood circulation in a matter of minutes: Get nourishing blood to move to the surface of your skin where it can deliver nutrients. Step back from time and discover a more youthful complexion without chemicals or expensive treatments.
  • Revitalizing anti-cellulite massage action: Rubber nodes combined with wild boar bristles offer a unique refreshing massage that helps reduce the appearance of cellulite on the surface of the skin. Ideal for therapeutic myofascial release.
  • We’re so sure you’ll love your dry brush. If this product does not meet your exceptions, we want to know


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